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Seize The Yay

The actual SEIZE THE YAY™ book **SIGNED COPIES**

The actual SEIZE THE YAY™ book **SIGNED COPIES**

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Work, rest and play your way to #lifegoals with the actual Seize the Yay book!  Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented us doing a book-signing in person, so instead you can purchase signed ones here with a customised message.  

I couldn't have known just how pertinent these chapters on the transformative opportunity in discomfort, resilience through adversity and clearing the slate to rebuild a yay-filled life would be when this book was finally published in September 2020. As the longer form expression of everything the Seize the Yay™ podcast stands for, this book comprises twelve chapters each dedicated to a major facet of seizing your yay to help you break the autopilot circuit you might find yourself on rediscover (or discover for the first time) what brings you joy. 

In a society easily distracted by productivity, being "busy" and objective metrics or societal norms about what comprises a "successful life", it's scary how rarely we stop to ask whether we're happy, fulfilled or even interested in the life we're living. I hope through my story, those of past podcast guests and people from all walks of life who inspire me, you can start to see the light and take your own first steps on your way to yay.

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