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Seize The Yay x EL&RO Jewellery



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RADIANCE represents a wearable reminder to never let anyone dull your sparkle. No matter what or who life throws your way, you are radiant, worthy and more than enough. 

TIDAL represents the undulating, non-linear nature of life and the natural rise and fall of our emotions and experiences. While we so often chase perfection and strive to avoid all flaws, TIDAL's rippled surface is a reminder to accept and embrace the perfectly imperfect.

✧ Sterling silver, rhodium plated
✧ 18mm x 11mm rectangular detailed sun pendant on a fine cable ball chain
✧ 15mm wavy round disc pendant on a fine cable chain
✧ Anti-tarnish
✧ Adjustable chain lengths 45cm, 47.5cm, 50cm

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